Unscrolling: This year I’m reading the weekly Torah portion through the eyes of 54 creative wrestlers in Reboot’s new book Unscrolled. My year long journey will be blogged weekly as commentary on their commentary, quoting quotes, plucking pearls from this pool of biblically inspired juices for a more inspired now.


“Look I may be a virgin but I’m not an idiot.”

Here comes Rebbecca, center stage, clicking high heels. This is Rebbecca Hana’s new take on classic Torah in unscrolled installment #5  and in this take the Matriarch-in-the Making is a babe with a brain. And she’s got a tale to tell about her becoming a biblical celebrity, overnight.
A tale about a young woman’s courage to choose the life she wanted. Rare then – rare now.
I like how Hana takes the  tiny Torah moment in which young Rebbecca is consulted about her choice of groom, and expands it to deliver a heroine who is positive pro-choice (kinda) role model to little girls and all the rest of us. Speak up your mind, she reminds us, voice your truth, choose to choose the life you want.  Even when the choices aren’t so great: make one.
This past week mayors were elected in Israel – lowest voting numbers in Jerusalem! A lot of people chose to not choose or let their voice determine the future. Idiots. We need new Rebbeccas to shake things up and remind people of the right and duty to choose.
Miranda got it. And she’s going to talk about it this coming Shabbat in NYC as she becomes a Bat Mitzvah.
She’s worked hard for over two years with a great team of Storahtelling-Lab/Shul educators and she will raise her voice proud and loud – following Rebecca’s footsteps in exploring what it’s like to make up your own mind, make decisions, and speak up. We rehearsed earlier this week and I was blown away by the reflections she wrote and memorized by heart. Here was a young woman standing up to take center stage of life. She broke into a delighted dance at the end of the rehearsal.. proud and excited.
I’m so proud of Miranda for choosing to celebrate her coming of age ceremony and for choosing the creative route, for her diligence and passion in voicing her very own opinion, hand raised high, ready for life. Mazal Tov! Welcome to the grown up club of the Choosing People! May you speak up your mind and make good decisions as often as possible, with courage, compassion and care. Just like Rebbecca.
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