REVERB: A Weekly Torah Takeaway


October 2008

Beginnings: I have just arrived in Jerusalem, Israel to begin a year-long Sabbatical. It will be, I hope, a year of reconnection, introspection and focused writing. I intend to document this journey, and invite you to join me on this road trip as I chart this year on a weekly basis, action by action, verb by verb. Each week I will pluck a verb from the Torah portion and set it reverberating both with its context and with my own. I hope you will join me with questions ,answers and comments and make this a conversation.

It starts, as always, in the beginning:

  1. HOPE (Bereshit)
  2. GET OUT (Noah)
  3. LOOK UP (Lech Lecha)
  4. RUBBERNECK (Vayera)
  5. FALL  (Chayei Sarah)
  6. SCREAM (Toldot)
  7. DREAM (Vayetze)
  8. SHUT (Vayishlach)
  9. SIT (Vayehsev)
  10. SHAVE (Miketz)
  11. WEEP (Vaigash)
  12. BURY (Vayechi)
  13. SPEAK UP (Shmot)
  14. DELIVER  (Vaera)
  15. BLESS +WALTZ (Bo)
  16. ARM (bshalach)
  17. CHOOSE (Yitro)
  18. READ (Mishpatim)
  19. SANCITFY (Teruma)
  20. DRESS  (Tetzave)
  21. REVEL (Ki Tisa)
  22. GATHER (Vaykhel-Pikkudei)
  23. CALL (Vayikra)
  24. SCRUB (tzav)
  25. OPEN  (Passover – NOT Parsha)
  26. HUSH  (Shmini)
  27. COUNT (tazria Metzora)
  28. LOVE (Achrei Mot-Kedoshim)
  29. CURSE (Emor)
  30. REMEMBER (B’har- B’chukotai)
  31. GUARD (Bamidbar)
  32. HEAR (Naso)
  33. DESIRE (B’halotcha.)
  34. DESCRIBE (‘Shlach Lecha’)
  35. Protest (Korach)
  36. SING (Chukat)
  37. SIN (Balak)
  38. LEAD (Pinchas)
  39. TRAVEL (Matot Masey)
  40. BELIEVE (Dvarim)
  41. WRITE (Va’etchanan)
  42. THANK (Ekev)
  43. DEMOLISH (Re’eh)
  44. FORGIVE  (Shoftim)
  45. BURY (Ki Tetze)
  46. TRANSLATE  (Ki Tavo)
  47. WITNESS  (Nitzavim Vaylech)
  48. ENTER (Haazinu)
  49. KISS (v’zot Habracha)
46. Nitzavim – Vayelech
47. Ha’azinu