Today is the Fast of Esther, honoring a heroine’s courage – but tomorrow is the feast celebrating her success and our survival. I will focus on the art of goody-bag exchange for friends and foes alike. (Thanks Bibi! Working on a couple of goody bags for my Iranian friends as well) 


Why: Check out my  2 min. new video created by JTS on the power of purim’s gift exchange and why this year I’m not masking or wigging but sharing comfort food instead.

You’re in NYC? Join me downtown: 

Lab/Shul teams up with the Education Alliance’s Project ORE on PURIM DAY, March 5 for a PURIM PIZZA & TEA PARTY. Project ORE is an amazing community center for low-income, homeless and formerly homeless Jewish seniors.

Wishing us all a collective feast of friendship, less fear, more love.










Purim 2015: Focus on the Goody Bag Exchange.
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