day 37

Last night I saw D. ,a friend who is a psychologist, at a benefit for Easton Mountain Retreat Center and complimented him – he looked radiant. ‘I’m in love’ he said, and shared the story. A year ago, B,, a client came to his office for therapy, and after a few sessions asked him out for a drink. There was that chemistry thing going on. D, professionally, declined, but offered this: They will not see each other for 90 days – professionally or personally. If, after 90 days, B. is still interested – he should contact D. and they’ll go from there.
90 days go by. D counted each day with anticipation. On the 90th day nothing happens, 2 more sad days go by – and then B. calls – he counted calendar days while D counted the actual dates – or something like that.
A year later – they are very much in love.
This count up keeps reminding me to practice patience, trust in the process, let go of expectations and instant needs.
D’s story is great inspiration and hope.
Hope, somebody else told me during that benefit, is never a passive thing. You want something – imagine it – let go so that you can have it – and trust that it will.
On this 50 day count up to love, with 13 days left and yearning for inner lover to manifest and self love to flourish – i hold on to that.
Today is Gevura of Yesod – the discipline within the Foundation. My discipline is to have more patience, hold back from nudging and wanting and yearning and asking and writing and calling and wanting. Still climbing the mountain, goal in mind, but being present in the moment. What will be will be.
13 to go.

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