SINAI 5.0 DAY 6 4/4 6th sense on myth of 6 pack body and self love on day of rising. take shirt off.

On this sixth day i thought about the five senses (thanks for the note, Lisa) and the sixth sense that is the knowing of knowing where mind and words cease to matter. in this 50 days count to meet the lover/love which is the revelation of Sinai (my version) the climb is about finding the beloved within, first. It has to do with the body – self love of what there is. In my friend’s Rachel’s guest athroom in Berkeley there was a poster of a really fat barbie and the question – there are 3 billion women on the planet and only 8 are super models. or something like that. love your body (courtesy of the body shop)
that’s the climb for me, more self love and more presence and focus.

i went to a party yesterday and danced and took my shirt off. kinda big deal. never mind the details. feel good in the body, six packs or not, and feel good in being. as for the vision of perfection, of better, fitter, sexier, more ‘in the body’ – sure, 44 days left, but the idea is to be here now, regardless of the destination, and love what is. so i try. and dance. fear giving in to the sixth sense of trust and play and be as is. not as if. but also.
this morning during hotel room yoga-work out improv. my body wants to do the sit ups. subtle but significant change. not counting sit ups. counting breaths. still in hesed in yesod – the foundations of love is love itself. 44 to go.

SINAI 5.0 COUNT UP: DAY 5: secret hot spring. counting blood, moon, tides.
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