The second week of the count up from Seder to Sinai begins with day 8 and the focus on the kabbalistic notion/sphere known as ‘Gevura’ – discipline or structure – it’s about a proactive creation of space within – in which change can grow and manifest. It’s like taking weeds out of a garden, or disconnecting the phone in order to focus on writing. I heard it said that activating one’s gevurah is an interference in order to remove interference.
fight the distractions. I like/need that. Today’s about doing it gently.
I start with food.
last night’s binge on pizza and doughnuts was a great way to end Passover’s regime of the unleavened but I felt the price this morning – bloated. fasted till noon. then picked one pink grapefruit and sat in the Sonoma sun and slowly peeled and super slowly ate, almost one juicy pink drop at a time. eight minutes total, on this eighth day of counting to mindfulness, living my inner lover of life, one mouthful at a time.
eating well and with intention is definitely one of my key ingredients for this 50 day process to better living and loving. slow down.

count up so far: growing beard bigger(something to do with letting nature be. photos later); sititng quietly, breathing, meditating for 3 minutes daily (trying anyway) ;off with distracting websites (partial success so far. tempting.) taking time each day to be focused and grateful for what is, and more in the heart and less mid – in process. anyone counting with me? send a quick ‘i’m in’ or something. just curious..

(PS. last night a dream about the Book of Ruth. I was sitting in a beautiful old synagogue that has been not used for many many years. somewhere exotic. A woman was standing there, mesmerised, excited, crying. She had been there before, long ago. From somewhere, someone pulls out a wooden box, the size of a hat box or an old gramophone. Inside is a collection of wooden dolls and objects and all folded in intricate ways pieces of the Biblical story of Ruth – ready for 3D puppet re-enactment or creative storytelling, or something like that. That’s all I remember. The story of Ruth is told on Shavuot. it is about hunger and hope and seed and kindness. I’m sure it has something to do with my journey to Sinai and to night #50, 42 to go. Eat slowly. That is my intention for this week – take away the weeds that dabble with mindful being and focus on healthy actions, daily, that make me happier (and have less gas.) Amen.

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