day 1:50. 3/30. follow the matza crumb trail from familiar cages. move from mindless 2 mindful. there’s fear of new but focus on change: i unplug lusty distractions online 2 take step 1 of 50. more:

day one of the counting is the first day of Passover, we’ve just left Egypt, exhilarated, scared, first step into the freedom of the unknown next in the wilderness of the new. According to the kabbala charts today is is chesed of chesed – kindness upon kindness, love on love, being super present in the moment, step by step on the road home. the pilgrimage begins.

BEARD: No shaving. scruff on my cheeks is still tolerable but Im starting to feel scruffier than i like in public. unkempt. got to research the ‘no shaving’ element of this count up and why. INTENTION: remind myself: use these days to focus in. less distraction, disciplined day by day towards the mountaintop, where there is more love, presence, mindfulness, being in the body, soulful, alert. DAILY TASK: get off virtual distractions that steer me away from being present and fully myself. Deep breath: I’m going off MH and GR. no more instant gratification lust. can i handle the cold turkey weaning from being seen and desired and, occasionally, not as often as i’d like, met? eye on the bigger prize: real love, real lover. UNPLUG!.. focus on kindness today. kind to self. to others. as i drive around in LA, as i talk to people. meet their eyes. reach out with simple truth. say hi, be present in the now. leave the iphone off when i meet with people, off when i drive! not even be tempted to glance at incoming when the light turns red. FOCUS NOW. I join twitter to have this conversation – but not to be sucked into mindless chatter.

“pilgrimage is the kind of journeying that marks this move from mindless to mindful, soulless to soulful travel. the difference may be subtle or dramatic; by definition it is life changing. it means being alert to the times when all that’s needed is a trip to a remote place to simply lose yourself, and to the times when what’s needed is a journey to a sacred place, in all its glorious and fearsome masks, to find yourself.”
Phil Cousineau, The Art of PilgrimageChoclate Moses passes over in silverlake second Seder 2nite. Served with shankbone.

Parshat Acharei Mot: A Modern Twist on Traditional Rules
SINAI 5.0. DAY 2. 3/31 Watch Sun Set on Sunset Ave. Meditate daily from today.