Sinai 5-0. Count-up. day 14

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” (St. Augustine)

Day 14 is on the road from San Francisco to NYC via Chicago, with phone calls and voice mails and emails in between to Denver, London, Israel and even Australia. My wristwatch Chronicles one reality, my iphone another, my callers go to sleep as i’m just getting up, and lunch is lost in between time zones. I’m committed to chronicling each day of this count by midnight – but which midnight??
Luckily this flight has wireless. And so, from mid-air, somewhere between the mid west and the east coast, with my heart in the middle east and my phone charger back in the west coast: day 14. exactly two weeks into the count. My beard is definitely getting bigger and now covers my cheeks. Today’s task of mindfulness: stay grounded, no matter where and how. find a way to sit, breath, here and now. and if possible, even if the flight was cancelled and the airport is a mess, and you’re tired and really want to go home and sleep in your own bed – smile. it helps.
(last night, when American Airlines sent us unpacking from San Francisco airport after 5 hours of waiting and then no plane till the next day – form the corner of my eye, outside the terminal building, as the sun was setting – I saw a rainbow. magnificent. But it hadn’t really registered until now. the rain has passed. i’m going home. ) today is the Malchut of Gevura – the Majesty of Structure, regal discipline: amid the chaos I pause to bless this count, and count my blessings, and go. home. 50 days to live my vision of lover within. and beyond.

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