Sinai 5.0 countup day 17

Tax Day. I met with a major philanthropist today and while small talking he shared with me his father’s legacy, received along with a considerable fortune: Never mess with taxes, owe nobody a penny, and be good to your mother.
Taxes connote a day of accountability, both specific money wise but also symbolic for being accountable and responsibility to one’s community/society in the the modern public sphere. Being a taxpayer means, at least in theory, being part of the decision making of how society operates. I often joke around the High Holidays that Yom Kippur is like April 15 – total deadline on unfinished business of what you owe the world. It’s not like you didn’t have lots of time to prep, and still, somehow, so many wait till the last day to get it done..
This year, oddly, I had my taxes done in February. Long story. No rush. There’s something soothing about planning ahead and avoiding the hassle.. if only i did it more often. In fact – this is an intention to do so. Plan ahead. Breath easier.
Day 17 is Tiferet of Tifert – kindness of kindness, heart of hearts: I focus on getting as much done as possible and with as much open heart as possible, even if the cranky voice creeps in. And I plan ahead for night 50 when something, I just know it, will be revealed and real pay off happen. maybe.. for now – here we are NOW. 33 to go.

Sinai 5-0 Day 16 4/14 New Moon. Pause to praise the present. Hallel-Ya.
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