Day 15

back home in New York. Now: How do i maintain the focus, the displine of this countup now that i’m back to my daily routine. In a way it WAS easier on the road – teh counting gave me structure where so many new conditions happened. I think that being back home is the exact challange of maintaining the spirtual practice of this count – balancing the usual and the unusual, the regualr routine and the irregualr moments of big meaning. Coming down from teh mountain – on my way to teh mountain – and still keep the fire going, the commitment to change, to practice. Today is the first day of the week of Tifferent – the heart. So the Chesded of today – the gentle kindness is to stay in the heart – wide awake to emotional self -and kind to myself and my fears and weakneness and needs.
Woke up this morning in my own bed with a complext and colorful dream. And for the first time in a few weeks, opened my jounral and resumed my morning writing. Just to write it down, while fresh, recording the images and musing on thaem and starting the day with attention to what the soul is murmring about. that’s all.
Day 15. 35 to go. climb the mountain, one small step at a time. simple, really. take the time to take heart.

Sinai 5-0. Countup Day 14 4/12 forgot the rainbow but got the time. now. somewhere.
Sinai 5-0 Day 16 4/14 New Moon. Pause to praise the present. Hallel-Ya.