DAY 24 is the 40th annual earth day and my annual 41st birthday. official. the day is spent off work, with errands in the morning, a visit to MoMa (back to Marina Abramovich, the high priestess) , and then time with my kids, out and about, playground and music class, and also, exotic chocolates, and a wall to wall spread of blessings on my facebook page, email and voicemail inbox.
A day to count my many blessings, with a lot of gratitude.
Day 24 is one day before half the count of 50 and it is yesod of netzach – the foundation of the eternal, pillar of existence, and the foundation, for me, today, is the simple truth of this gratitude. Honor what is happening, and what is being offered by life – on any day, and on special days. Say thank you, make a wish.

Today’s task – celebrate life, thank all my friends for their love and good wishes, and take it easy.
26 to go.

SINAI 5-0 COUNTUP2LOVE day 23 4/21 fold laundry find love
Sinai 5-0 COUNTUP 2 LOVE. Day 25. 4/23 Climbing Mount Fuji with a shaving kit