Day 22
Other than being my Hebrew birthday (thanks for the blessings, y’all) today was just a pretty spring day here in NYC, and no particular Israeli independence Day actions on my part. The highlight was peeing at Michelle’s bathroom this morning and overhearing Israel folk dancing music from her next door neighbor – The Jewish Theological Seminary. Charming. Dance, rabbis, dance…
Today starts the third week of the count up to Sinai and it is the week of Nezach – eternity. Today’s kabbalistic tag is Chesed of Netzach: Kindness of Eternity, or, how to practice random moments of kindness within the eternal infinite drama called life.
Here’s an example. After dinner last night S. told me: sometimes I feel like God is looking at the world through my eyes. It’s rare, just moments, amazing, and I want to have more of them and not sure how to make it happen.
For the record, we had a lot to drink and I don’t remember the details of what he said but it was an amazing image and such a powerful way of portraying the yearning to be present, fully, in the moment – and to be, completely, in the image of the divine.
So my intention for today, is to look at the world, for just a moment (60 seconds) as if from the eyes of the creator herself. I don’t know which moment it will be yet, and it’s also this very minute, as I am writing this (creating the words, world, reality that you are reading right now also, as you create your own reality) and as I look out the window, or rush to the subway, or look in the mirror, and pause to smell the lilac in the corner store, and all of the above.
Pause, for a moment, and look at the world as if Creator is looking through your eyes – the kindness of eternal in the temporal. what does it look like?
28 days to go.

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