sinai 5-0 countup2love. day 23 4/21 fold laundry find peace

at the end of a long day of meetings and conversations, salmon and olives, Upper East Side and Sheepshead Bay, I pause to count what counted most, what lingers: flowers, and laundry. A bouquet of sweet pea flowers, early morning impulse purchase in the union square farmers market, a gift to a lovely lady who places them in a silver goblet in the middle of the library. We talk about humanism, and Judaism, and the tool boxes that humans carry, to help them live life – it’s all just different tools to reach the same goal. different flowers in the market.
earlier this morning, I fold the laundry hill that’s been waiting on the sofa. No big deal, and not so unusual but in the midst of all the tasks and obligations, great and small, noble or necessary, it felt really good to achieve this simple goal and leave a tidy house behind. The least I could do. Made me smile somehow, relax more, buy those flowers.
Day 23 is gevura of netzach – the discipline with eternity – perhaps – order in the small things, little ways of making the vast thing called life a little more tidy, more livable, lovable. one laundry hill at a time. this countup to sinai, pausing each day to count what the day is about, is just this other tool in the toolbox, a helpful flashlight that helps focus beams of light on little dots of meaning – and then it’s my job to connect the dots. the goal, once dots are connected and nights counted? more inner peace, self love. more simple pleasures, the smell of fresh sweet peas in the morning market.
ok, im sentimental – its all those lovely birthday wishes coming in. thank you friends!
27 to go.

Sinai 5-0. COUNTUP2LOVE. Day 22. 4/20. See the world as though Creator is peeking thru your eyes.
Sinai 5-0 COUNTUP2LOVE. 4/22 Count your blessings.