how long does it take for water to evaporate? and what happens in the process – to the water, the matter, the surface, the simple nonstop transformation that forms our lives. Tonight at an art opening in Chelsea, Andy Goldsworthy records this process. it’s beautiful. In a series of videos he is lying down in the middle of a street when it’s about to rain, is rained on, and rises when the rain stops to reveal the dry outline of his body. And then he waits to see how long it takes for his rain shadow to become a sidewalk again.

night 38 on this night of slow process transformation from 1 to 50 i am reminded to stay enchanted with the slowness of becoming, the tuning into more subtle rhythms of change that take longer, and slower, and refine, and ripen in time, like the wheat after which this count is named. Get attuned to a slower rhythm of change.

38 is tiferet of yesod – the pulsing heart within the solid foundation of being. that which moves in slow motion, all the time.
we count to sooth, to mark, to cope. today at music class, 3/12 year old Alice didn’t want to hear the good night song because it always makes her sad, and Verena her awesome nanny, held her close and asked – do you want to count with me instead of singing this song? and together quietly we counted to 60, and weren’t sad at all. then we drank some water.
ps. on water. a project was launched today by the Association for Civic Rights in Israel – one action a day – to activate and promote human rights in the West Bank, with this focus on drinking water conditions. see here (only in Hebrew, sadly) info and today’s first task.

sinai5-0 countup2love. day 37. 5/5 gotta trust the process, 90 days strong
sinai 5-0 countup2love day 39 5/7 dis-comfort zone