Sinai 5.0 countup/Day 10. red bush burns in Sonoma: reminder to be, breath, think, thank. so i be it.

Half way through a morning of emails, even though I’m sitting under a tree in a green and sunny backyard, i remember that I haven’t paused for my morning mantra: modeh ani – a moment of gratitude.
What reminds me? a red flower, with the sun just on it, shining bright inside a vast green meadow. Like a burning bush it beckons me to pause, and just watch, and breath. Just a gentle reminder to really take the time to really look around and notice what is.
day ten is the heart of discipline – tifert of gevurah, and for me that means stopping to ponder the delicate balance between doing and being. Allowing both their due time and focus.
I say the Hebrew words of the Modeh Ani prayer, slowly, familiar from every other morning for so many years, but I notice something different. Modeh Ani – I am grateful this morning for being alive and present. then back to work.
keep on climbing to Sinai. 40 to go.

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