day 2:50. 3/31. step 2 is harder than 1. I meditate 4 3 min. as sun sets on sunset blvd. commit to daily habit.

Second Day. Last night I counted ONE as our second seder ended and hugs extended. old friends and new ones. Erica, 89 year old artist, Holocaust Survivor from Budapest. Sage, 10 year old bright eyed boy stole the afikoman and our collective funds collected will be given by him to a local foster care service. We told the Exodus as internal personal struggle for creative freedom, away from habit and comforts of old. The king of Egypt tireless control freak hungry mind, ego; Moses the inner warrior half Egyptian half Hebrew half mind and half heart and able to seduce the mind to let go and yield to the promise of equal dignity for all. Miriam’s cup overflows with the Mother’s waters of feelings, not explaining, less words. more body.

Today I met Xorin, a remarkable visionary and architect of sacred spaces in the Hollywood Mayan Temple he calls home. and then I met Robin, energetic designer of live experience online.

We all want the same thing. eye to eye. expanded sense of self, connection to each other. sacred space, self, learning. what gets in the way? Excess. Wanting More. In the too many options of daily life I choose to let go for five minutes at the sunrise of sunset of my day – rough estimates of morning and evening, book ends to doing -by being. Back to the practice of sitting quietly, watching my breath, emptying, quietly, into what is now. I sit inside the rental car as the sun sets over sunset blvd. Intention – fight the urge to run too fast. Day two, left foot, right foot, one step at a time. The beard is still no big deal.. two days scruff. this is my body, perfect as is. ( i badly want and need to believe this. this is a big part of this countup, back to body, self, self love)
the sun is gone. day 2.

SINAI 5.0: COUNTUP BEGINS> DAY 1. Seder 2. 3/30 unplug and leap.
SINAI 5.0 DAY 3 4/1 Fools day. Fool, Fall, Love.