The third day is when the mythic transformations happens. On day 3 Jonah emerges, Esther risks, Jesus Rises, I fly away. Back again in San Francisco.
All these moments happen on a count of three. Jonah puked from fish, Queen Esther enters the King’s chamber, Isaac is bound on the altar. I flew to SF from LA this morning, early, watched the sun rise. In the airport my iphone falls and crashes. For a few minutes i am horrified – it’s dead. Then grateful – unplug! But then, like Jesus on day 3, it resurrects, if badly scarred. Am I ready for totally disconnecting from the world to go on, alone, this journey up the mountain, as Isaac did with his father? I guess not. it’s not the same mythic journey. My task is to be present – and public, eyes wide open, meeting yours. Today’s kabalistic intention is ‘Tiferet of Cheshed’ – the heart of kindness. What kindness am i ready for today? will i still stay away from the distracting onlines, will i sit quietly for 5 minutes, will i focus more on what IS, and be more in the heart and the embodied and less in the fancifulness of the mind. YES. be truthful and kind together. Never mind the iphone. this digital extension of my self CAN be fixed. all can be fixed. the brokenness just a reminder of fragility and attachment.

AND: April Fools Day. And it only matters because this journey of 50 nights is leading to love and only fools fall in love. Once, on April Fools, ten years ago, I went out with the radical faeries to Astor Place in Downtown NYC, all in costume to fool in the streets. Mine was a three piece suit, white shirt and tie, high heels, and a sign pinned to my back: only fools fall in love.
a month later – i did.
So today’s task is to fool. fool myself into a new way of being. fool around maybe? fool someone else, joke, trick, laugh out loud. This count doesn’t have to be so serious… even if it is a serious task to go about ripening like wheat from day to day of growth and inner change and upside down. COUNT: 3. see what happens. fool, fall, love. Fix the broken.

SINAI 5.0. DAY 2. 3/31 Watch Sun Set on Sunset Ave. Meditate daily from today.
Sinai 5.0 DAY 4, 4/2 good friday, bad weather, four flowers for the sabbath queen