Officially tonight is the last night of the count. seven weeks times seven days – and tomorrow is the icing on the (cheese) cake, the big finish, where there is no more counting – crossing the finish line. ground zero.
But i will count tom. night – back in NYC with my community and friends, eye to eye, i to i, reaching Sinai, the summit, pausing to look around and take stock of the journey and breath and be. (join me in NYC – details at
But not yet.
One more night.
Tonight in LA, reunited with my dear friend Aimee, having spent the day with my dear friend Jill, getting ready to board a plane back home I am ready to be high in the sky on this last night of highs and lows on the pilgrimage towards self love, ending these 50 days to live my lover.
What awaits at the finish line? the lover. the vision of love.
I’ve been traveling and focusing on my journey and hopes – but what of the one who awaits on the mountain – what of the lover awaiting ME?
tonight i prepare to meet this mythic lover, within, beyond, in all dimensions. What is this reunion about? It’s about the taste of completion and beginning. a mystic union. a surprise, well known and still, new new new. Like the new wheat that ripens. like the end of the journey that begins the next.
A mystic known as the Rebbe of Gur, who lived in the late 19th century in Poland and led a chasidic dynasty published a book called Sfat Emet – the Language of Truth, and here’s what he writes of Shavuot:

“on shavuot there are two sorts of coming close. the hearts of Israel come near to God, and the Ever present draws close comes near to us. the two forms of closeness are the two loaves that are waved on this day of Shavuot.
we call this day the day of the giving of our Torah – God’s closeness to us is the giving, the gift – but God, according to the Torah delights in our closeness of hearts to heaven and calls it the day of offering the first fruits – the taste of first love. of the beginning. ”

LIVE. LOVE. Here and now. Malchut of Malchut. The throne of being. sitting on it, now.
and yet:
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