day 42 on the countup 2 50 falls on what some consider ‘rainbow day’ – the date on which Noah left the ark and the rainbow appeared to mark the age of humanity 2.0. I think of them emerging, post flood, blinking under the unforgiving sun of their survival. Then they get to rebuild their world, our world, from scratch. (they start by planting a vineyard). I’m focused on the first moment – when they open the doors of the ark: What does ’emerging from the ark’ mean? how does this mythic moment translate to our personal journeys inside and outside dark arks, emotional floods and second chances, and rainbows? rainbow day, this year, for me, is about remembering that floods aren’t gone, and arks help carry us through them, and emergence from them happens, often, all the time. Way before Gay – the rainbow symbolized all that human hope can possibly carry.
Tonight ends the sixth week of the counting, and the Queen, Malchut, is within the Pillar of Foundation, Yesod. It’s an erotic image, a feminine-masculine union of body-soul focus, wet and drenched with rainbows.
Emerging from the imagined ark is another chance for a new lease on whatever covenant of love I want to make with life, love, creator, self – blessed by rainbows, blissed out by happiness for being alive.
Our friends at encourage to take rainbow day as a prayer for the oceans – and the Gulf of Mexico. Powerful: see here for more on how to save this flood:
8 to go.

sinai5-0 Countup2love. Day 41. 5/9 This is to mother you.
sinai5-0 countup2love. day 43 5/11 today in 1992 I completed my IDF army service.