Day 26

plan ahead but live in the heart. or in other words – how do I put forth future intentions, hopes, specific yearnings – and still totally appreciate the present moment – with whatever comes.
i got a bike today, from shira, and we added a bell and a lock and got on it and back on bike, and wheels, and recycling cycling in my life, again. I look ahead as I drive, going to where im going, but aware of each turn, meanwhile, more carefully than walking, different than driving, closer to the ground and the shifting of movement. plan ahead, live in the body, something like that about the balance between appreciating what IS and always, often, wistful, wishing, knowing that THAT is still to come.
this count, from the night of passing over to the 50th night of reaching the summit is a lot about learning how to negotiate this invisible distance. t/here.
Day 26 is of Malchut of Netzach – the majesty within eternity, the here within all that there.
i count tonight with friends at my home celebrating and I pause and leave them to take a stock of the moment and count and be there – and here – now.
24 to go.

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