Day 27 of the countup to Sinai, according to the mystical charts, is Yesod of Neztach – the foundation within eternity – yesod is a stake in the ground, a concrete act from an endless list of to do lists. the little things that matter most. the basics. like cleaning.
when i was a troubled teenager I was, oddly, fond of reading one of my mother’s books “the secrets of the perfect hostess”, written by the then wife of the Israeli president, Ora Herzog. The only rule that I remember from the book was about the clean up after a party – if you’re too tired, leave everything for the morning (and/or the maid) but you absolutely must empty the ashtrays. And I’ve always followed that rule, including after last night’s birthday party. The morning cleanup, methodical and fairly quick, was the perfect closing of a beautiful opportunity to celebrate life with friends and reconnect.
in the endless eternal juggle act, the small accomplishments ground me down. as simple as a heap of plates and a floor to mop. done.
This is the 27th night of my counting towards you – lover, lover within, on the pilgrimage to the mountain of union and revelation. I count to stay on track and clean up my act one night at a time.
(thank you Ellen for correcting me on last night’s count that was not the malchut of netzach but rather the Hod. Back on track. cleaning up.)
23 to go.

Sinai5-0 COUNTUP2LOVE. DAY 26 4/24 plan ahead/live in body.
SINAI5-0/countup. Day 28. 4/26 get some sleep.