day 35

Down from the snow summits to muggy Manhattan, back in business, tasks, juggling of conversations and responsibilities and goals and needs. life. today’s lesson: wait less: cultivate patience.
Like all of us I am having multiple simultaneous conversations with many different people on any given day, esp. back at work – in different forms, and very different paces.. emails, txts, chat windows, voicemails, phone conversation and face to face – one of the main differences between these communication devices is the legitimate amount of waiting for a response. ‘pregnant pauses’ on the phone or in person feels very different, and much longer, in an online chat. Or is just me that finds himself hating to wait for a reply? keep checking emails for that response to whatever.
Throughout this past week of Hod, I keep coming back to patience, and less stress – the need to trust and let it be. today I am reminded of a Talmudic saying: ‘blessings are bestowed only on that which is hidden from the eye’. and this reminds me of the eternal call to no waiting: ‘Do not awaken or arouse love – until love wants to.’ (Song of Songs)

Sure there’s stuff that needs to get done right away, ASAP, deadlines – good or bad for one’s health – it’s work and it’s how it sometimes is, esp in NYC. But when this impatient pace enters life, friends, relationships, intimacy – some of the magic is gone. the simple pace of things human.
tonight is malchut within hod – the regal presence of being alive – deep inside the timeless universe. wait less. be more. t cultivating patience.
15 to go

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