this is to mother you

Folding the laundry, slowly, tired, late in the evening, but the heap won’t fold itself. I fold the bed sheets and remember folding them in the back yard, with my mother. And always her load of laundry that needs folding, on the couch in the TV room. She is in Israel and somehow mothers day doesn’t happen there so i didn’t really think to call her, but now, pausing, here’s to her. Love to mother tonight, all our mothers, and the great mother within. thank you hallmark for reminding us to thank. on this path to 50, to being more in love with life, more present, mindful, happy, aware – folding laundry, neat, tidy just like mother taught me seems to be the right lesson and conscious task. It’s in the details. Even the Israelites, camped at the foot of Mt. Sinai, were instructed to do their laundry – 3 days prior to the 50th night of Revelation. I’m ahead of the game here but there’ will be more – there’s always the inner laundry.
tonight is yesod of yesod: foundation within foundation, the inner inner chamber of the root of it all – a quiet place, firm in the knowledge of vertical support, and unconditional love. the firm knowledge that this inner love is always there, solid. the great mother.
i throw this reminder in with my inner laundry tonight- spin cycle of emotions, quiet mix with sad, fears and hopes, disappointments, pleased and pensive. Been humming this song by Sinead – this is to mother you – and it helps to spin, to fold things up.
9 to go.

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