pausing to count tonight, late, tired, packing, is a reminder to simply sit and take time out. and count. time.

tiferet of malchut is the heart of the matter. striving for more moments of simple serenity, an easy deep breath. a satisfied rest. it’s about feeling good.
I had a moment like that this evening, after giving a speech at NYU, and maybe it was the moscato, or the new suit, or the slight beard trim that i indulged in today – but for a moment on a park bench in Washington Sq. park at sunset, i sat down and felt really good, and very happy and in the heart of the matter, just is. as is.
just sit and watch the fountain.

and then move on. 5 days left to go. 5 days till the wheat is ripe, 5 days till we reach Mount Sinai, 5 more days until the beloved, 5 more days of mythic time travel. past, present, east and west – I started this count in California and I’ll count the next 4 in SF and LA and then 50 back in NY. there will be other fountains.

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sinai5-0 day 46 A Single Man: Live, Love, look good in cuff links. Back in San Francisco.