day 48
I’m back in LA, in the lovely garden where I started this count 48 days ago. Good to reflect and take stock of this process, the pilgrimage to Sinai – to more self love, more mindfulness, less distraction.
Back in this garden, where fruits are growing on the trees where flowers were blooming 48 days ago.
And my beard, now full, and just a bit trimmed, is getting lots of positive feedback. I’m told I look more adult, more Jewish, more man, more teacher. Maybe I won’t shave it off.. or maybe just some of it.
Is it effective? What have I learned? what have I become during these days of daily disciplined attention to the passage of time, to what each day brings?
Friends – reading this – have you been counting along? what was it about for you? what have you learned? how is this effective? I’d love to know.
Perhaps more will be revealed as its over – coz it ain’t over till its over, but already, something has deepened in how I appreciate slowness, process, the cultivation of patience. The original premise for this omer count was the farmer’s tool for watching the wheat and waiting for it to ripen. And you can’t microwave a wheat field, you just have to wait.
You can’t hurry love.
My wheat is ripening, it’s almost harvest time. But then what – the offering of the wheat, the grinding down to make flour, and then bake it, and then, slowly chew, swallow, consume, process, release from the body, start again. This count will end and other will follow.

Yesod of malchut – the foundation within this regal privilege of being alive. The foundation is the focus, the discipline, the attention to what IS, not what was or will be.
grounded in love.
2 to go.

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