day 32
stress less. trust more.
the taxi was 20 minute late this morning, taking me from Denver University campus to Denver airport – and I barely made my flight. Stressed out waiting for for the late taxi and kept checking my watch as we drove, sour faced to the driver. why stress? i caught myself half way thru the drive. you will or won’t make this flight. nothing you can do about this now. stress less. trust more. I remembered the woman who gave me this simple advice. Marcella, this crazy Italian lady I met once in LA, who picked me to drive to some important meeting she she up for us, I have no idea what it was. We were way late, stuck in traffic, and I was stressing out, and she, leaning back in the driver’s seat with her left arm leaning on the open window with a constant cigarette said – why waste all this energy on worry? you can’t do anything about the circumstances. relax. And I did, and sometimes remember to do so. I heard she since died. ciao Marcella and Grazia.
Day 32. Netzah of Hod – eternity within humility, trust in the moment as it unfolds.
32 in Hebrew numerology is LEV – heart, and this countup to love is deep in the middle. I explained it to somebody today – it’s the count from dawn to midnight in 50 days, an exercise in discipline, a pilgrimage to the heart of what truly matters.
An unplugged Sabbath 8,000 feet high in the snowy mountains of Utah. shabbatshalom.
18 to go.

sinai5-0 countup2love. day 31 4/29 soup from Berdichev
sinai5-0 countup2love day 33. white on white. honor your teachers tonight.