Dear Lab/Shul Community,

At the end of a difficult and dramatic week in Israel, as the heat rises worldwide and the Jewish community rises from the Three Weeks of Woe into the rest of summer and towards the High Holy Days we ask ourselves: How do we rise from rubble into hope? And what’s it got to do with foxes?

My weekly video recap of Below the Bible Belt follows the journey of Isaiah in Jerusalem, as the prophet of consolations meets the Jewish calendar’s ascent from mourning to renewal – and current events, from Israel and Ireland – reminding us of the power of prophets – then and now – to give us perspective and help us hope.

Prophets don’t just offer consolation to their people or tell truth to power – sometimes they use music and art, and especially stories to help heal and make sense of even the darkest moments. I hold space in my heart today for Sinead O’Connor, also known by her chosen Arabic name Shuhada Sadaqat, who died this week at the age of 56. Back in my 20’s this outrageous prophetic artist helped me learn so much about the world and my own life. She may have been the first to teach me about Patriarchy and the Goddess. Sinead’s painful life offered prophetic passion much like the complex lives of other prophets in other times – including Isaiah who this week offers some painful peeks into his own life and our national story.

On this day, as the Jewish calendar leads us from the saddest day and the rubble of Jerusalem into the rest of the summer and towards the High Holy Days and the new Jewish year — I share with you a short tale about foxes, and prophets, and the power of story to help heal and give us hope even when all around us seems like going down the tubes.

What’s the story? Watch the vid.


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Meanwhile – gratitude to all the prophets, protesters, activists and artists who help us hope and heal.

May we all rise from rubble, heal the hate, and be each other’s prophets of hope.

Shabbat Shalom.

חולמים ניו יורק
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