Check it out. This Thursday Night 8/2 is TU B’AV, one of the five full moon holidays on the ancient Judaic calendar. This one is about grape harvest and dance and love – but in Jerusalem it will be about HOT ACTION:  Just from walking around town today and reading the posters on the walls, it looks like it’s going to be a super packed day, including (scroll down):

הולך להיות חם בטו באב בירושלים – הפשקוילים זועקים על תפילות לזיווג, הפגנות מחאה נגד מצעד הגאוה, מצעד הגאוה, פסטיבל היין, פסטיבל מתחת להר על קו התפר, וודסטוק, סרטים בבית המצורעים ומי יודע מה עוד. חג שמח

1. A mass prayer for finding the perfect match in Nachlaot (very orthodox, 2pm)

2. An Ultra Orthodox rally in Sabbath Square opposing the Gay Pride March, featuring grand rabbis, (5pm)

3. Jerusalem Gay Pride March – 6pm at Independence Park.

4. The 4th Jerusalem Woodstock Music Festival  -4:30pm on at the Kraft Amphitheater

5.Wine tasting festival at the Israel Museum, Free movies at the former Leper Colony Compound, The incredible Under the Mountain: festival of new public art on the border of East and West Jerusalem..and much more…

Have I mentioned my cousins wedding’s in a far-away settlement to which I will or will not go as well for all the obvious reasons? I’m going to try and hop around to as many of these as possible. But what to wear??

Happy Full Moon Jerusalem. Here’s to making it work together.


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