‘Why isn’t it Shabbat every day of the week?’
‘Hanale’s Shabbat Dress’ is a beloved Hebrew children’s book from the 1930’s turned into a musical in 1971. I saw it in the early 70’s— my first outing to a theater, in Tel Aviv, accompanied by my older brother. Big deal. ‘Who loves Shabbat’ is the theme song that has since become an Israeli classic. Even my NYC kids know it. I remember pondering the question after the show – why isn’t Shabbat every day? Perhaps the start of philosophical inquiry into the gifts of the rare pleasures in life and the benefit of sacred time. Shabbat Shalom!

  • Amichai

Amichai’s Top 50: Soundtrack of my life. 4/20-6-8 2019/Passover-Shavuot 5779

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