Day 3/4



Ready, Steady, Go!

And off they go splashing into the cold lake in the late afternoon sun on the last official Sunday of summer. Some dive, some plop into the water, one stands on the deck, hesitant: ‘but it’s cold…’

He’s finally lured in –‘take a deep breath, just count to three – and when you’re ready – jump!’


Count three and things happen. Change manifests or occurs. Somewhere between magic and math.

I don’t know where the ‘doing stuff on the count of three’ comes from, but it does seem to be a fairly universal formula for getting things started.  It soothes and transitions us into commitment to a task.

The third count gets you grounded, I guess, some rhythmic, mythic, human code that activates us and I’m sure many can google and explore. For me, today, on the third day of this 40 days journey to more focus, the third beat is the call to commitment.  Dive in. Am I really committed to this process, this private-public conversation about change?  Am I ready to walk this talk?  Take time each day to really focus on what change I want and how I will go about it?   Really do this?


And meanwhile, J. writes me today in response to the first two days of this blog and her love of it but also fatigue from dealing with life and not wanting to jump into this mikven – immersion pool of process.  Aware of the potential power of this process, how cold the water can be at first, she hesitates on the deck.

Come on in at any time, or sit and splash with your feet; there are many ways to dive into this conversation. The first day was the launch, this third the leap of commitment. I trust in the process. I extend my hand to your invitation to dance, say yes to the challenge, and answer today’ are you ready to do it’ with a count of three and:



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