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President נשיא



Was Obama, just like Abraham, selected by God?
Hear me out on this one. I’m not assuming that all those who voted Blue are thanking God for the elections just as many pious ones who voted Red are not, I hope, accusing the Almighty of their loss. I definitely don’t know enough about Mormon theology to know what they make of Mitt’s defeat.  But I do wonder about the role that this elusive power plays in politics, beyond the dutiful ‘God Bless America’ at the end of the re elected president’s moving victory speech.  At some delirious sleepless point this morning, eyes wet with tears and heart full of happiness, with the sun rising over Jerusalem, I found myself praying, and blessing, and feeling the presence of life’s grander Presence in the messy details of this mortal coil.

For the record – I may have still felt this way had Obama lost. Some moments transcend business as usual no matter the result. But one is allowed to have subjective feelings, and I want to believe that if there really is a God – She is on the side of progress, human dignity, social change, and unconditional love – black, white, red, blue, able, disabled, gay, straight, etc. – the President said it better.

what does Abraham have to with it? He may have been our first big leader to fuse politics and faith, recognised by others as a delegate of forces from beyond. In this week’s Torah text, Chayei Sarah, the Elder statesman buries his wife Sarah and then dies himself. But before he does so he is honored by the locals, thus giving us the first Biblical appearance of the Hebrew word NASI – President, or Prince. And in this instance he is not just named a leader – the Hittites, in Genesis 23  name him NASI ELOHIM – Divine President, or as most English Bibles translate it: A mighty prince.
I asked my father for a better translation this morning and he thought for a moment and suggested: God’s Elect.

Mr. president, you are the newly chosen father of a nation badly in need of a competent, courageous and compassionate adult in charge. Like Abraham, and like each and every one of the 33 presidents that came before you, you are recognized as Nasi Elohim, God’s elect. I wish for you – for all of – the humility of living up to this divine inspiration – and for all of this, to support you in the tricky road ahead, fiscal cliffs and all – after all, believing or not – In God We Trust.

Shabbat Shalom


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