Welcome to Fallow Lab
  – a year-long journey of exploring better balance between our virtual and actual lives.

Inspired by the Jewish Shmita tradition, this journey reinterprets the biblical agricultural practice of a year of release to the land and to the farmer, reapplied for today’s social, economic and digital reality.

Our ancestors worked the land, lived its cycles and knew when to let go, release and renew.

Our landscapes of labor exist more and more virtually. Can we extend the logic of the old sacred cycles and recycle Shmita back into our lives?

Join Amichai Lau-Lavie and guest teachers for a year of exploring the origins of Shmita and its application to our digital lives.

The Fallow Lab journey will consist of 12 monthly conversations, each focusing on an area in our lives impacted by digital technology that could benefit from attention, release, or better balance, for our own good.
There are 7 ways you can get engaged with each conversation – most of them for free! (All FallowLab programs are free for Lab/Shul SeasonPass holders.  Some program costs apply – with sliding scale options, everybody friendly.)

The goal: fruitful conversations, inspired action, better balance, new friendships, a year of growth and grounding, well spent.

The Shmita year begins on September 24th 2014.


The Fallow Lab journey begins with a Free Info Call with Amichai: September 17 2014 

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Welcome to Fallow Lab

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