Can we meet in the messy middle? This is where our healing can and must happen.

R. Amichai believes that we can, we will, and we must. He has learned a lot in his 20+ years of hanging out with the Sabbath Queen. It is all about how we meet each other in the messy middle, about choices to focus on and/both attitudes to life and Judaism, fusing ancient and modern in ways that lift us up, proud and loud. As we approach the weekend of the World Premiere of the Sabbath Queen documentary at Tribeca Film Festival, R. Amichai Lau-Lavie is hopeful that this film will help many of us feel good about the best parts of our tradition and how we can be part of the solutions, not just part of the systemic problems that we feel so helpless about. Committing to bravery to stand together in the breach, despite differences, and find some common ground and some healing.

Rabbi Amichai has said, “Our words can build worlds…Words will help us name the hurt and hopes, and lead the way to our deeds and actions. This is how we build a better world even when our dreams are as tired as our wishes.”

Deadline: Watch Clip From Tribeca Documentary ‘Sabbath Queen,’ About “Former Radical Drag Queen To Influential Rabbi”
Meet me in the Messy Middle