Here’s a happy update – written for the Lab/Shul community and/or the rest of my friends who care to know:


I arrived in Israel on Jan. 6 with my family, excited for our adventure : Half a year’s worth of a sabbatical in Israel. Why?  it’s a long story but suffice to say that it worked out for the kids, and for the grown up’s, and we’re all thrilled – esp. my parents who are living in Jerusalem and very glad for serious quality time with their American grandkids.

I even took a leave of absence from JTS for the semester – leaving me with precious time to be with my parents, kids, family – and delve into working on a book I’ve been thinking about for a while. Stay tuned for updates. Maybe a draft by the summer. (You in publishing? want to help? talk to me!)


I’ll be based in Jerusalem through Mid-April only – and coming back three times in between now and then for different Lab/Shul programs and events in NYC. Meanwhile: Lots of skype calls and emails keep me in daily communications with work and life back home. (a complicated concept)

I’m super grateful to the Lab/Shul board, staff and growing number of volunteers that are making sure we are solid and in good shape and making it so much easier for me to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. This is our first year together as a community-in-process and it feels like a genuine blessing to have so many hearts, minds and hands invested in this emerging co-creation.
Visiting Israel? Be in touch.
Meanwhile – peace from Jerusalem, good humus and free wifi in most cafe’s.  See you soon
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