Soon the sun sets here in NYC and  Yom HaZikaron begins, honoring the memory of all who’ve fallen for peace in Israel. This poem, written by Alex Singer, one of the fallen, a friend, an artist, has been with me since I enlisted in 1987. Alex, whom I met in 1985, was an  inspiration in life – and his death, on duty in Lebanon, gave me the push to follow in his footsteps and join the paratroopers.  I kept this poem, folded many times over, in my wallet, till it became dust.
he gave me courage. I wish he was here today. May his memory, and all those others, be a blessing.

Once in a while.
As I progress towards the course’s end.
I feel a pang of fear.

Today I felt such fear.

If the war comes
When the war comes
I will have to lead men to die

But those men were not men a short time ago
Some don’t even shave yet
And I will have to have the calm power
to yell to them
or to whisper



I will have to have the calm power
to step forward myself. 

August 1986

day 17 of 50 Heart of Glass
day 18 of 50 lights out